Write Your Legislator

The Alabama House of Representatives

In January 2014, the Alabama Legislature goes into session. As you know, they will be voting on the issue of Medical Marijuana, and we need to show our support for the new bill and get some idea of where they stand on the issue. This will allow us to focus our efforts in a more productive manner.

To find your legislator’s email click here.

In the left hand column, you may have to scroll down a bit; you will see the box to type in your zip code + 4 (the +4 is the 4 numbers following your zip code on most of your bills). Once you enter your zip code and hit search, it will give you your representative and your senator. You can then click on their name and it will take you to their home page with their email info. If they do not have an email listed, they can be reached at their firstname.lastname@alhouse.gov (that is for representatives, senators would be firstname.lastname@alsenate.gov).

Simply copy and paste the following text into your email, add their name at the top and your name and zip at the bottom (just your first name is fine). If you would like to rewrite the following in your own words, feel free. If you would like to add your own reasons for supporting medical marijuana, go right ahead. If you want to just copy and paste the text below that works too. Please, be nice! These are the people that will decide the fate of our legislation; being rude does and making them mad does not suit our purposes.


(Replace with their title and name, EX: Representative Brown or Senator Johnson)

In the 2014 legislative session, Representative Patricia Todd will be filing a bill that includes the access to medical marijuana for those who need it. When passed, this will create an exemption from prosecution the patients of Alabama who have a serious medical condition and choose to use marijuana in the treatment of that condition under the supervision of a physician.

I join with Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition, not only in asking where you stand on the issue, but also in urging you to support this valuable piece of legislation which will ease the pain and suffering of patients and return them to a higher quality of life.


The current version of the bill is available at: http://www.ammjc.org/?attachment_id=464


(Replace with Your Name – First name only is fine, but not preferred)

(Replace with Your Zip Code)


It is time to let our legislators know what we know; marijuana is the safest and most useful medicine on the planet, and it is time to stop denying patients the right to that medicine.