Medical Marijuana shouldn’t even be a question, BUT it is, so the answer should be YES.

I have been pondering for days on how I would start this. I decided I would start with information on the conditions that cause me pain on a daily basis. In 1993 I had a car accident. I was wearing a seat belt but still the force of the impact projected me forward so much that I bent the steering wheel with my chest and busted the windshield of the car with my forehead. I had a subdural hematoma. It also lacerated my eyelid and nose to the point where they are permanently scarred. It took months to recover. I was given pain pills such as Lortab, Vicodin, Morphine etc; I was still in pain, but because of the pills side effects I was also restless, nauseous, irritable, and was constipated for several days after.

Seven months later in 1994 I had another wreck. This time was even worse. I had small injuries to my face, arms and chest but I fractured the left side of my pelvis, broke the right side of my pelvis, cut my knee from one side to the other, broke my right foot and three toes on my right foot. I was in the hospital for one week and had surgery on my pelvis and foot. My knee required several inner and outer stitches. After my surgery, they put me on a Morphine pump for the pain. I was still in very excruciating pain but again, it was coupled with nausea, vomiting, constipation, headaches, disorientation, hallucinations and more. I was on Morphine for 3 days straight and when they took the pump away I was relieved at first. Little did I know, I had already had enough Morphine that I was forming an addiction. I was furious when they took it away. I had never felt such a need for a medicine in my life. They sent me home on the 7th day with a few prescriptions: Morphine pills, Demerol, Lortab. I spent nearly 1 year in bed for the majority of the time. It took close to 12 months for me to be able to walk with just a cane. I was on pain pills the entire time. I gained 100 lbs. during the time I could not walk. I was so doped up that all I could do was eat and pop pills.

I now suffer migraines several times a week, I have G.E.R.D. (gastroesophageal reflux disorder), depression and Diabetes. I have Chronic pain in my pelvis and legs which has been relentless for past 17 years. The medication given to me by doctors has had horrible side effects and very little benefits to the pain. I also acquired a staph infection at one point and we spent 5 years trying every antibiotic, antimicrobial, and wash known to man. Nothing cleared it up. I finally had a physcian, (who shall remain nameless) suggest off the books that Marijuana could prevent the Staph from spreading, sort of stunning it and give me a chance to get rid of it. I tried it and within 1 week the Staph infection was 100% gone. This was verified by the same doctor. I over the course of the past 17 years have been prescribed a very long list of medicines with a ridiculously long list of side effects. I have been so sick from the treatment that the condition seemed like a better option. Recently, through treatment at a free clinic, I was prescribed a medication for my migraines. I got online to read the side effects. I was shocked to find that it said “WILL CAUSE FATAL LIVER DAMAGE”. Make sure you get that.. NOT “may” or “could” but WILL. Why would I take something that I know will eventually cause my liver to be so damaged that it cannot function?

So this is the question I pose to people against Medical Marijuana. Why is it acceptable for me to be prescribed a pill that WILL destroy my liver but it is not acceptable for me to be prescribed Cannabis which has no bad side effects? When I have had access to Marijuana I had no joint or muscle pain, no migraines, my blood sugar was perfectly regulated and I had no depression. How is something that is Natural, pure and harmless deemed illegal but pills that kill people everyday are easily attained? It makes no sense at all.

Medical Marijuana shouldn’t even be a question, BUT it is, so the answer should be YES.

Jennifer S.
Cullman, Al.

Sat, July 23 2011 » Written Patient & Family Testimonials